Aaroh is a Pakistani rock band That surfaced into mainstream scene after winning the Battle of the Bands competition in 2002 sponsored by Pepsi. The band split in 2004 and Haider Hashimi was recruited as the band's lead guitarist.
Aaroh's music is a fusion of western rock music and eastern style of vocals. As implied by the word "aaroh", which refers to the ascending scale in the eastern vocals such as "Sa Re Ga Ma",the band's music epitomizes the classical eastern music fused with rock. Aaroh's acclaim to fame is due to their exuberant live performance backed up with thought provoking lyrics.

Band Members

Farooq Ahmed (Vocalist)
Farooq Ahmed has served as the lead vocalist for Aaroh since its beginning. Farooq has received classical music training. His strong background in classical music and the scales, give the band the flavor that goes unparalleled in Pakistani music industry.

Khalid Khan (Bass)
Khalid has worked with almost every major act in Pakistan which include Falam, Collage, Circle, Aamir Zaki, Fuzon, Shehzad Mughal, Mizraab and Najam Sheraz.
He is a major force behind Aaroh's music since the beginning.

Haider Hashmi (Lead & Rhythm Guitars)
Haider has played in Aaroh's latest (2nd) album, Raag Neela. He replaced Nabeel Nihal after the band's breakup. Most of the Raag Neela songs have been written and composed by Haider. His inclusion in the band has been a blessing in disguise as the band now sounds more versatile. With his basic schooling in Karachi, Haider went on to study in Tunner Junior High School and then Frankfurt American High School - Germany. FAHS is where he picked up the guitar and took guitaring as a subject. Moved back to Pakistan in 1989-90, formed an Underground Band (Mind Riot) in Lahore in '94 along with Farhad (Overload's Drummer). Late '96 Haider moved out of Pakistan and said farewell to any prospects in music. Haider moves back to Pakistan in 2000 and re-joins Farhad's band (Rumble Fish)in Lahore. Haider moves to Karachi in 2003. It was not until 2004 when he was auditioned and inducted as Lead Guitarist for Aaroh.
Haider has carved a niche for himself in the Pakistani Music Industry with his distinct playing style which can safely be called his signature playing.

Saeed Ahmad
Saeed serves as the band's drummer. He has played drums in Aaroh second album Raag Neela.

  • Aaroh won the Pepsi' sponsored Battle of the Bands in 2002. Entity Paradigm were the runner-up.

  • Aaroh's single "Na Kaho" received "The Best Lyrics Award" at Indus TV 2nd IM Awards in 2005

Noman Jaleel is AAROH's Band Manager and does all the bookings for their recordings, appearances, live shows and also serves as their Business Manager.


  • Sawal (2003)
  • Raag Neela (2006)

Aaroh Official website